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Turn to us for equine therapy services in Kalispell, MT

No matter the size, breed or age, horses of all backgrounds can benefit greatly from receiving therapy. If you want to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for your horse, rely on Equine Healing Hands to come to your aid. We provide professional equine massage therapy services in Kalispell, MT and surrounding areas.

Our specialist uses a variety of techniques to help horses improve their muscle function, reduce pain levels and break down scar tissue. Some of these methods include cold laser therapy, MagnaWave therapy and myofascial decompression therapy.

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5 amazing benefits of equine therapy

There are many great reasons to consider equine therapy for your horse in Kalispell, MT. With help from an equine massage therapist, you can...

  • Alleviate tension and discomfort
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Relieve muscle spasms and cramping
  • Speed up the recovery process from injuries
  • Prepare your horse for competitions and workouts

If you think that equine therapy is right for your horse, get in touch with Equine Healing Hands today. We'll be glad to speak with you about our services and prices.

We can treat all types of horses

Here at Equine Healing Hands, we work with horses of all breeds and lifestyles. We can treat broodmares, pasture horses and pleasure horses, as well as trail horses, working ranch horses and geriatric or injured horses. We can also treat open/breed show horses, miniature horses and ponies, as well as drafts, driving and competitive performance horses. You name it - we can treat it.